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Kurt Warner

A man who has been blessed with an Amazing life... yet, knows God isn't done with him! Daily looking 2 b used by HIM 2 impact others!

- Retired NFL - Quarterback (Cardinals, Rams, Giants)
20,611 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 05-06-2010


kurt13warner How many players out there will admit they look @ schedule and circle wins??? I know I did - but didn't always play out exactly! #confidence
kurt13warner Top of the hour we have the NFL schedule release show @nflnetwork ... Who will have biggest challenges? Toughest start & finish 2 season?
kurt13warner Got workout in 2day, limited w/ cast, but working it out! Running tomorrow... Let me know what/when u run, I need motivation! #runwithkurt
kurt13warner Alright how many of my tweeps want 2 #runwithkurt ? Since I broke my hand my plan is to run 3x/week since I can't hoop let's do it together!
kurt13warner Love JohnLegend's song "All Of Me", that's how I feel @WarnerBrenda - best line = "all ur curves & all ur edges, ur perfect imperfections"!
kurt13warner Love JohnLegend's song "All of Me" that's how I feel about @war
kurt13warner Reading things about PManning & AGase, amazing the CBA doesn't let players who want to talk fball & get better, to actually do it???
kurt13warner Love family days - cookout, obstacle course, egg race & toss, left-handed basketball games, croquet... And we're just getting started!!!
kurt13warner I HATE running, but relegated to it! Got 3.5 in today now getting a leg workout - no excuses! Get better today - lets do this! #joinme
kurt13warner Broke my hand playing hoops today... Guess that puts an end to all this comeback talk, haha!
kurt13warner Want to thank every1 for supporting our foundation thru the #MarchMadness pool! Had great convo w/ @BtrBaseballPlyr (winner) yesterday!
kurt13warner Where are all those @suns fans right now??? Need to hear you - we need this game!!!! #BeTheSpark
kurt13warner So my daughter has never put butter on her PeanutButter toast??? It's delish... Anybody else out there do that? #bringsouttheflavor
kurt13warner Son won championship 1day after eating CinnamonRolls 4 lunch... I'm worried it will b like MarshawnLynch & skittles! http://t.co/AT30LOB6SS
kurt13warner NY last week, HI this week, now CA... Where do I live? What do my kids look like? I need a serious HOME fix!!!
kurt13warner Congrats 2 @BtrBaseballPlyr 4 winning BracketHoopla! Look 4ward 2 our chat soon! Tnx 2 all who played. Next up GridironSurvivor this fall!
kurt13warner Anybody watching #GameChangers on @nflnetwork ? I told u all I felt I could still play, what u think if watching? (Convince @WarnerBrenda )
kurt13warner Watched "LoneSurvivor" & cont 2 be eternally grateful 4 all the men, women, families & children who have served/sacrificed 4 us! #indebted
kurt13warner @LarryFitzgerald @CraigAZSports 1 out of 2 isn't terrible, but not as good as 1 for 1??? You can't win them all I guess!
kurt13warner Kade Warner has a permit & is going on the streets for 1st time... If you're smart you'll get off the roads N-O-W!!!!
kurt13warner The lovely @WarnerBrenda is coming up (in AZ) on @RachaelRayShow in a matter of mins! Check her out, she's Awesome!

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