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Kurt Warner

A man who has been blessed with an Amazing life... yet, knows God isn't done with him! Daily looking 2 b used by HIM 2 impact others!

- Retired NFL - Quarterback (Cardinals, Rams, Giants)
23,707 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 05-06-2010


kurt13warner The Moment of Truth: Awards Ceremony! 4th after 1st day but they nailed performance today - was it too much to make up? We shall see?
kurt13warner Sitting in parking lot listening to MSU/Louisville while waiting 4 my daughter to get hair done 4 Cheer comp... I LOVE MY LIFE (& my kids)!
kurt13warner Made wife walk a mile w/ me 2 get #WetzelsPretzels, 1/2 way back I realize they gave me Cinn instead of Almond, ugh! #NotMakingHerWalkBack
kurt13warner I know my wife doesn't want to watch this game, but how can u turn it off... We're talking history! #undefeatedVSluck'o'theIrish
kurt13warner I am too much of a gentlemen @WarnerBrenda to air my dirty laundry on twitter... But if that's as bad as it gets, you will be ok!
kurt13warner RT @BestBuddiesERHS: Our officers and advisor with @kurt13warner and his wife at the CHEER assembly yesterday! What great speakers! http://…
kurt13warner It was a busy week, too many ppl said "no" to hoops & now in CA 4 cheer - I need 2 play some hoops! #RatherPlayThanWatch
kurt13warner Hard 2 get 1on1 time w/ a child when u have 7... But in CA 4 cheer comp w/ my 14yr & just got to share breakfast - love those moments!
kurt13warner RT @SigEpUNI: We are excited to kick off our 3rd annual philanthropy event, Sexual Assault Awareness Week! Please visit http://t.co/wiTCDZm…
kurt13warner My brother's company needs your vote to be the tech co in the DC-area. Vote for Canvas! #TechMadness http://t.co/NY3Wg2DAHT
kurt13warner Got my cardio in doing the @mbohannon23 workout... 700 3s before my lift! Little disappointed in %! #WhatAmIShooting4 http://t.co/JM1Tvfl7ta
kurt13warner What's up ppl? Got any interesting takes - have a few minutes to spend! #HitMeWithA?
kurt13warner My fdn gives $$ 2 youth groups doing US based mission trips. Deadline is April 1. Check it out and pass it on! http://t.co/tFl6SiSWnK
kurt13warner Great opp this morning to speak to the @Royals org... Still have to pinch myself sometimes that God has chosen me 4 this journey! #WhatsNext
kurt13warner My son & I inspired by @UNImbb team this weekend... So we returned to get our work in! 400 3s b4 school... #GetItIn http://t.co/gWVD4wg29a
kurt13warner What an incredible weekend 4 my boys & I, thank you @UNImbb ! We couldn't be more proud of u guys! #TheJourneyIsNotOver #DareToBeGreat
kurt13warner IA is represented strongly here in SEA - hoping to have an IA sweep today and we're about to tip off!!! #GoHawks #PanthersNext
kurt13warner Can't tell u how fun it's been to hang w/ the @UNImbb team this weekend... It would be my dream job if I hadn't already lived my dream job!
kurt13warner On bus headed to @UNImbb vs @wyoathletics - excited to be here w/ boys! I dreamed of playing in this as a kid - next best thing, I guess?
kurt13warner RT @CoachDNett: What a privilege to have @kurt13warner speak to us this evening! "Dare to be Great" "Leave Your Mark" http://t.co/gxC9Xtp…
kurt13warner Just got to hang w/ @UNImbb team on eve of their 1st game... I want to suit up with them! These are the moments I lived for! #DareToBeGreat

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