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Kurt Warner

A man who has been blessed with an Amazing life... yet, knows God isn't done with him! Daily looking 2 b used by HIM 2 impact others!

- Retired NFL - Quarterback (Cardinals, Rams, Giants)
21,088 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 05-06-2010


kurt13warner RT @101ESPNFastLane: For sponsorship info for @kurt13warner Night with Champions on December 12, call 877-347-7813 or visit http://t.co/Ie4…
kurt13warner After throwing 10 balls vs Air - I will love another year "Believing" I could still play! That's all us old guys need is a little hope!
kurt13warner @jamiedukes You said contract & OLD MAN in same sentence - they just don't sound good together!
kurt13warner In the LOU, hanging with my oldest son - getting all our favs #DonutPalace #SmoothieKing & now church b4 a little Rams camp! Good day!
kurt13warner Shout out 2 @Hasselbeck 4 breaking out glove on his throwing hand in honor of the #oldman ! You slung it good too, maybe u should keep it?
kurt13warner Coverage cut short in Indy due to weather, so now headed to the LOU to visit my old team... Maybe I'll get my 7 on 7 there?
kurt13warner Fun being at Training Camp - would love to take a few 7 on 7 reps - but would hate to be shown up by a 24 yr old kid!
kurt13warner Excited to be in Indy 2 check out #ColtsCamp ! After 2 straight playoff appearances & some great additions, expectations must be high!
kurt13warner RT @PizzaUrWay: We are so excited to have @kurt13warner @warnerbrenda and @jessejowarner here with us tonight...come join us for a pie! #Pi…
kurt13warner In #cholesterol mgmt, small steps lead to big wins. Join us today & you could win a trip for 2 to the Big Game! http://t.co/j1GsswCa9U #spon
kurt13warner RT @WainosWorld: Update: Proud to have @marshallfaulk @kurt13warner participating in Waino's World on 8/15! Amazing day planned! http://t.c…
kurt13warner So excited 4 upcoming NFL season! Who r the sleepers? Heading 2 Indy & STL this weekend, then checking out Cards TC next week! #LetsDoThis
kurt13warner This place is sweet #GlowPutt... No losing my ball tonight! Woohoo! http://t.co/WWvi404iXy
kurt13warner Goofy Golf! Putt-Putt Golf! Miniature Golf! Whatever, I am doing it will my fam! I got this!
kurt13warner Almost fball season... TCamps r opening, I will be visiting a few this weekend! Im getting the itch & I don't even play! #NFLGamedayMorning
kurt13warner ToD: Spent my life thinking I could handle life on my own - but continually reminded how limited I am! Thankful Gods grace covers me daily!
kurt13warner Wonderful celebration of my man Tyler 2day... How much did he impact me? So much I wore Steelers colors today (his fav)! #WhateverItTakes
kurt13warner So many emotions 2day: visitation 4 teenage buddy of mine, watching friends get married, knowing 1 is battling advanced cancer! #StillAskWhy
kurt13warner Headin home from Greece! Thanks 2 all who played "Where's Kurt" - sorry I couldn't engage more! Great trip, now 24hrs of travel! #worstpart
kurt13warner We have a winner - @pmirandaj I'm in Santorini looking over the the Aegean Sea!
kurt13warner What body of water is behind me? 1st correct answer gets an auto pic. #WheresKurt http://t.co/N0zUjj7yD8
kurt13warner Where am I now? Up for grabs this time is an autographed Sports Illustrated. #WheresKurt http://t.co/iZLf0hNQsK

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