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Kurt Warner

A man who has been blessed with an Amazing life... yet, knows God isn't done with him! Daily looking 2 b used by HIM 2 impact others!

- Retired NFL - Quarterback (Cardinals, Rams, Giants)
21,690 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 05-06-2010


kurt13warner Heading to pick up my daughter from art class at school, dressed like DonJohnson from MiamiVice (4 @BestBuddies party)... Oh the looks!
kurt13warner Can't believe how out of hand this has gotten so quickly! SD D doesn't look to have athletes to hold up vs Den O!
kurt13warner 3rd & Long - if u r middle safety you can't void the middle & jump a 6 yrd crosser - leaving middle of field wide open! Nice read PRivers!
kurt13warner Can't help but appreciate when a QB is able 2 get 2 his #3 rec in timely fashion = TD! #TheSheriff does it as well as anybody #AirandGround
kurt13warner For 2 minutes of my life I looked ALOT like 1 of Best QBs of all-time #PeytonManning - ONLY bec I was wearing his 18 jersey 4 r Demo!!!
kurt13warner In Denver for the kickoff of week 8 #TNF - Broncos/Chargers, 2 great QBs, beautiful night - has the makings of a GREAT 1! @nflnetwork now!
kurt13warner Xcited 2 watch top #FantasyFB QB Peyton 4 TNF. Join my fantasy game this week & win this! http://t.co/bQMCDpMdcX http://t.co/bQMCDpMdcX
kurt13warner How can so many NFL rec's release the wrong way on certain routes? #HelpYourQB ##ProtectYourBuddy ###UnderstandTheConcept SMH
kurt13warner Ok, we were closer than normal at having the same #KurtsTop5 - but definitely not perfect! Check out how we compared tonight on @nflnetwork
kurt13warner Who u guys like in #TNF game? Both teams & QBs playing well! I would tag this #airandground but it may be more like #Air&Air
kurt13warner I just officially joined my #FantasyFootball game happening Nov2. Have u? Do it now! http://t.co/91W3QKaZjV
kurt13warner #AZCardinals unveil "Defense Against Domestic Violence" initiative. You can help! Details: http://t.co/pqwF05E3v4 http://t.co/pqwF05E3v4
kurt13warner Go 2 http://t.co/uL4CnPaeqm 2 compete vs me in fantasy challenge... Sign up now 4 Nov 2 challenge! $ goes http://t.co/JVueZ0m77F http://t.co/JVueZ0m77F #prizes
kurt13warner Forgot I am doing #KurtsTop5 Tom (Tues) instead of weds this week due to covering #TNF game in Denver! Send me your list w/ hashtag!
kurt13warner I enjoy watching #LeVeonBell play the game! Tough, athletic and versatile - I played with a couple guys like that - made me look good!
kurt13warner How r ur #FantasyFootball teams doing? If u want a fresh start sign up for my 1 day league here: http://t.co/MEzEBLYuP8
kurt13warner 509 TDs is like 17 yrs avg 30 TDs/ season!!! That is ridiculous... Dude is incredible! #Congrats18
kurt13warner On SundayNightFootball #criscollinsworth said u mostly catch w/ your legs can anybody explain what that means, trying 2 figure it out?
kurt13warner Congrats to #PeytonManning on tying the TD record, he deserves it! Even if it did crush my #BoldPrediction
kurt13warner Could DeMarco Murray win @FedEx #airandground again? Guy is having an awesome year - another 100+ & TD! #ad
kurt13warner How many weeks in a row can #TonyRomo spin out of pressure to his left and complete a long pass to #TerranceWilliams ? #airandground
kurt13warner I know it was in a loss but can @DangeRussWilson actually win the #air AND #ground awards this week? #FedEx #airandground
kurt13warner How many times can my lone wolves lose in the last 2 mins? C'mon... That sucks! I had a chance 4 3 today... & 1 hits??? Ugh...

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