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Kurt Warner

A man who has been blessed with an Amazing life... yet, knows God isn't done with him! Daily looking 2 b used by HIM 2 impact others!

- Retired NFL - Quarterback (Cardinals, Rams, Giants)
21,425 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 05-06-2010


kurt13warner Coach did ok 2day, finished the day 1-1! Team played great & carried me game 1 & then coach was out-coached game 2! I'll get better! #GoBucs
kurt13warner My coaching gear 4 sons fball team... Ironic he picks my biggest nemesis as his team! @WarrenSapp will love it! http://t.co/kIGX84k4D2
kurt13warner Played hoops last night & turning around 2 do it again in 1 hour... Think this old body can handle it? Tweet later if I make it! #YouCanDoIt
kurt13warner Thanks 4 voting - votes have been counted! This week's @FedEx #ad #AirandGround winners are @PhilipRivers & @DeMarcoMurray - congrats guys!
kurt13warner I enjoyed watching my OLD, OLD teams young QBs (Austin Davis) performance this past weekend! Way to go kid... Keep it up!
kurt13warner Thanks 4 all the #KurtsTop5 tweets... Surprise, surprise, we didn't agree!!! Haha - check out TotalAccess tonight 2 compare ur list w/ mine!
kurt13warner Don't forget send me your weekly top 5 QBs with the hashtag #KurtsTop5 & we will compare tonight on @nflnetwork TotalAccess! Can't wait!
kurt13warner RT @nflnetwork: REMEMBER: Use #KurtsTop5 when sending your QB picks to @kurt13warner or your votes won't be counted!
kurt13warner Ok, we are adding FAN participation to my Weds Top5 QB list on @nflnetwork - tweet me w/ your list & #KurtsTop5 & we will compare on air!
kurt13warner I'm thinking @FedEx needs to create a 3rd category 4 guys like Jordy Nelson & Darren Sproles who have BIG games receiving? #Delivery
kurt13warner QBs ARodgers, PRivers & NFoles - RBs DMurray, AFoster & SRidley are nominees 4 @fedex #airandground POW Week 2 VOTE! http://t.co/jTgZSZLYp2
kurt13warner Had a blast doing color w/ @Kevinharlan for @westwood1sports 4 MNF PHI/INDY - never hurts when it's a GREAT game! #LivingTheGoodLife
kurt13warner Sitting in hotel room in Indy, excited about calling 1st MNF game for @westwood1sports - Phi vs Indy: should be a good one!
kurt13warner Its why we love NFL - Bills 2-0, Saints 0-2??? That's why we play the games! Who r front runners after early games 4 @FedEx #AirandGround ?
kurt13warner I count it a privilege 2 be married 2 my wife, father of 7 kids & to have played in NFL... Not a right! I act to reflect those privileges!
kurt13warner Almost GAMETIME!!! @NFLN_GameDay Morning headed your way in about 25mins... #LetsDoThis
kurt13warner My middle son headed off to his homecoming dance! He is becoming a fine (& handsome) young man! http://t.co/7pE4MU6pO7
kurt13warner Crazy week in the NFL - on and off the field! The fellas & I getting ready to discuss it all - tune in tomorrow 4 @NFLN_GameDay Morning!
kurt13warner A heartbreaker tonight for #DMHSWolves losing in OT! Proud of my son & the boys, they battled hard! Great thing is another chance next week!
kurt13warner Who u all picking tonight? Great week 1 @NFLTNF game - Ravens/Steelers, Steelers have a great opp to go 2 games up on Ravens!
kurt13warner Congrats to @M_Ryan02 & @knowshonmoreno 4 being voted @FedEx Air & Ground Players of Week 1: http://t.co/CxfbsGG5RO #airandground #WhosNext
kurt13warner “@karamichele13: @kurt13warner's ring of honor speech is nothing but perfection.” Maybe 4 once I was perfect, nah, not a chance!! But thanks
kurt13warner My #Top5QBs of week showing up on @nflnetwork TA tonight... Get ur twitter fingers ready, I am smelling a #TwitterVention Right or Wrong?

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