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Kurt Warner

A man who has been blessed with an Amazing life... yet, knows God isn't done with him! Daily looking 2 b used by HIM 2 impact others!

- Retired NFL - Quarterback (Cardinals, Rams, Giants)
22,411 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 05-06-2010


kurt13warner Just finished #GivingBlood if u have a little time they could use help during Holiday months! In 20mins you could save a life! #NiceTradeOff
kurt13warner Be sure to send me your WEEKLY #KurtsTop5 today... We will compare once again! We are bound to agree at some point... NOT!!!!
kurt13warner Funny how obvious ppl r when they recognize u... Don't be that obvious! Haha - ppl make me smile! #QuickDbleTake #StareRightAtYou&SayNothing
kurt13warner EarlyFlight - Check. Nap - Check. ChristmasShopping - Check. FamilyMeal - Check. ReadW/Kids - Check. Hoops - Check. HomeadeDonuts - Check.
kurt13warner Wk15 @FedEx #airandground POWs: QBs B.Roethlisberger, D.Brees, A.Smith & RBs J.Hill, M.Lynch, E.Lacy VOTE http://t.co/H4XZTqctPT #ad
kurt13warner Man, in not so cold but rainy Chicago for a battle of 5-8 teams... The key is NO still in the mix 4 division title! Tune in @westwood1sports
kurt13warner RT @American_Heart: Today, @Kurt13Warner shares his 10-year battle with high cholesterol on our Support Network blog: http://t.co/fPsZlkA84q
kurt13warner Here come them #Eagles - can they come all the way back??? #airandground
kurt13warner RT @j6a1m9: Well @kurt13warner you are on point and not drunk or high. #49ers #NFLNETWORK hope you guys see this haha http://t.co/oxYvzvcoIc
kurt13warner Some good, some bad & some ugly in early NFL games today! Who are your early #airandground favorites?
kurt13warner We r up and rolling... Well most of us @marshallfaulk ! Hey it's early here on west coast - we've all slept in a time or 2!!! #GangsAllHere
kurt13warner How can I think about a comeback - charity events, parades, cheer comps & flag fball tourney - I can't even find time 2 pick up a ball!
kurt13warner Straight from airport 2 Glendale Christmas parade, brings back memories when I was a kid! If in Glendale come on out! http://t.co/4YU4F4wXYd
kurt13warner “@SGERD5: A great night for a great cause. @kurt13warner & @WarnerBrenda First Things First Found Night of Champions http://t.co/fpKg5ep0s1”
kurt13warner I am out in the trailer, u think they have an extra jersey in the locker room? Man I feel terrible 4 the Cards & all the injuries!
kurt13warner Have u Cards fans not watched NFLGameday Morning? Every time I pick Cards they lose - so I pick against them! So this week works perfect!
kurt13warner @adrian_wilson24 I am pulling for BigRed since they r in playoff hunt... I will pick STL bec Cards lose everytime I pick them!
kurt13warner It's a @steelers sweep for the Week 14 @FedEx #airandground Players of the Week...congrats to Ben Roethlisberger & @L_Bell26! #ad
kurt13warner Glad u guys remembered to submit your #KurtsTop5 - interesting week! Have a newcomer on my list, how bout u guys?
kurt13warner Just finished hoops now watching some tape... some teams are just so frustrating! Is that your team or u guys hanging in there? #WhoYouGot
kurt13warner Find unique Christmas gifts & feel good knowing $ benefits my fdn! Anyone from anywhere can bid! So bid now! http://t.co/4m5GHwXmKg Pls RT
kurt13warner Wk14 @fedex #airandground POWs QBs B.Roethlisberger, M.Stafford, A.Rodgers & RBs L.Bell, D.Murray, J.Stewart VOTE http://t.co/vCtlaZtlcl #ad
kurt13warner What ever happened to respecting your opponent in NFL? Every Mon I read about players calling out other players skills bec they beat them!

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