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Kurt Warner

A man who has been blessed with an Amazing life... yet, knows God isn't done with him! Daily looking 2 b used by HIM 2 impact others!

- Retired NFL - Quarterback (Cardinals, Rams, Giants)
22,863 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 05-06-2010


kurt13warner Just got the chance to sit down w/ @DangeRussWilson very happy 4 his success - he is great 4 position & league moving 4ward!
kurt13warner Tailgates will never be the same @Skittles. I’ll be watching for you at the Super Bowl. #TeamSkittles #ad http://t.co/sZ0Lb37K98
kurt13warner If it finishes like this, going to be a great SB matchup...
kurt13warner Didn't think the Pats would gash them in the run game AGAIN!
kurt13warner Can't make those mistakes vs Pats at home... I saw three on that drive, Colts need to settle down quickly!
kurt13warner Here is where we see what the champs are made of, down 16, can they play catchup??
kurt13warner I have no prob w/ elements: a) when it doesn't take game out of players hands (wet ball - slick snow) b) if everyone had access to them
kurt13warner All this rain to decide who goes on to the Super Bowl, ugh!!!! Let's put a dome in everything so even playing field & best team wins!!
kurt13warner Championship Sunday!!! One of 2 days of Fball season that I miss & wish I could take part in one more time!
kurt13warner Heading to last GDM prod meeting in LA... We have a star studded cast 4 u guys tomorrow! Then it's "home sweet home" from here on out!
kurt13warner Great "OneBoldChoiceLeadsToAnother" campaign by @Toyota - join the BoldDad convo by tweeting me pics of u & your kids/dad w/ #OneBoldChoice
kurt13warner Today I’m celebrating my dad by partnering w/ @Toyota. Join us by sharing photos of your dad with #OneBoldChoice. http://t.co/OpKuRFzBNm
kurt13warner Sitting here watching film of Seahawks D & devising a game plan on how I would attack them... In my mind I think it would be fun! Body????
kurt13warner 2 dropped passes by #OregonDucks & now 2 fumbles by the #OhioStateBuckeyes & we still got ourselves a good game!
kurt13warner Here in Dallas at #NatChamp, having fun watching ppl go up & down as the momentum swings - fun when u don't have a team preference!
kurt13warner Quack quack quack, ducks are gonna be champs tonight! Go ducks ?????? #thebest
kurt13warner Watch out for @Skittles at the Super Bowl. We’re ready to party in Arizona. #TeamSkittles #ad http://t.co/eZXzf0AR0P
kurt13warner .@Skittles no one throws a tailgate like you. #SkittlesHotTub #TeamSkittles #ad http://t.co/7NTY6OV2gw
kurt13warner Here in Dallas 4 the NatChamp game... Who u guys thinking? Can the underdog #Buckeyes take down the juggernaut known as #Oregon?
kurt13warner Man, what a weekend of games and looks as if we have another one shaping up in Den! Who u got to finish this one?
kurt13warner How do all of you feel about the Pats/Ravens formation situation? Legal so all good or deception outside the spirit of competition? #WeighIn

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