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Kurt Warner

A man who has been blessed with an Amazing life... yet, knows God isn't done with him! Daily looking 2 b used by HIM 2 impact others!

- Retired NFL - Quarterback (Cardinals, Rams, Giants)
21,746 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 05-06-2010


kurt13warner The Week8 @FedEx #airandground Players of the Week are Ben Roethlisberger (Surprise) & @MarkIngram22. Congrats! #ad
kurt13warner Let's compete in #FantasyFootball! Draft Now! http://t.co/dzsA8Yphgy RT this 4 chance 2 win signed pic of me! http://t.co/FHQbc8qFyr http://t.co/FHQbc8qFyr
kurt13warner Just finished 3rd 1/2day financial meeting in 3 days... Head swimming! I'm a dumb fball player - now I have 2 decide direction! #Prayer
kurt13warner Manning?Rodgers?Brady? Who 2 draft as QB 4 Sunday's #FantasyFootball game? What do u think? #KurtsTop5 Draft now! http://t.co/dzsA8Yphgy
kurt13warner Tried 2 play hoops 2night... No legs from all the travel! Oh well, at least I got exercise (and pulled out the series win)... Night, night!
kurt13warner Don't forget to tweet me your WEEKLY Top5 QBs w/ #KurtsTop5 - I don't think there is any way u miss Top2 this week, but what about 3,4 & 5?
kurt13warner Let's compete in #FantasyFB! Join Now--> http://t.co/dzsA8Yphgy RT this 4 chance 2 win 1 of these (ur http://t.co/ndgb3mQnH6 http://t.co/ndgb3mQnH6
kurt13warner Fun week in NFL VOTE Wk8 @FedEx #airandground POW: QBs BigBen, Brady, Rodgers & RBs Foster, Ingram, Murray http://t.co/CxfbsGG5RO #ad
kurt13warner Landed back home - seems like forever since I've been here! Although no relaxing - off to financial meetings to plan 4 my (my kids) future!
kurt13warner Last wk 4 my #FantasyFootball game! U could win signed jersey & personal call from me! http://t.co/dzsA8Yphgy http://t.co/FHQbc8qFyr http://t.co/FHQbc8qFyr
kurt13warner Busy few days - Den last Thurs 4 #TNF game, then home 2 coach boys fri&sat, LA sun 4 @NFLN_GameDay & now in Dallas 4 @westwood1sports #MNF
kurt13warner Great game between @AZCardinals & @Eagles , congrats to old team! Told u all when I pick against old team they usually win! #airandground
kurt13warner Was already thinking #TomBrady would win @FedEx #airandground award, but looks like #BigBen is yelling "Not So Fast" at me!
kurt13warner RT @WBG84: Tom Brady joins @kurt13warner as only QBs to complete 85.7% or more of his passes while throwing 350+ yards, 5 TDs, 0 INT in gam…
kurt13warner Brady & Gronk, seriously? Of course going vs Gronk in fantasy as he goes 4 40+, I know not about skill but I suck in fantasy! #airandground
kurt13warner Early festivities: Rams, Bills, Pats, Bengals w/ 1st Drive TDs! Sea D giving up points again! All after a walkoff in London! #airandground
kurt13warner Congrats to @emilyeverett91 on winning this! 2 win more stuff, join my #FantasyFootball game! FINAL week 2 join! http://t.co/rqNQoClFt6
kurt13warner Haha, ppl don't u know my former teams usually win if I pick against them... So relax, I am simply increasing the odds of winning!
kurt13warner How come I am not allowed in eating segment @SteveMariucci & @WarrenSapp ? Yes, I like to eat also!!!
kurt13warner Sitting here dumbfounded by decision OleMiss made at end of game... Anybody tell me what they were thinking there???
kurt13warner Just finished a fun production meeting 4 @NFLN_GameDay Morning... If any indication, we r going to have a great show 4 u tom! #DontMissIt
kurt13warner Heading to pick up my daughter from art class at school, dressed like DonJohnson from MiamiVice (4 @BestBuddies party)... Oh the looks!

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