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Kurt Warner

A man who has been blessed with an Amazing life... yet, knows God isn't done with him! Daily looking 2 b used by HIM 2 impact others!

- Retired NFL - Quarterback (Cardinals, Rams, Giants)
21,054 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 05-06-2010


kurt13warner Almost fball season... TCamps r opening, I will be visiting a few this weekend! Im getting the itch & I don't even play! #NFLGamedayMorning
kurt13warner ToD: Spent my life thinking I could handle life on my own - but continually reminded how limited I am! Thankful Gods grace covers me daily!
kurt13warner Wonderful celebration of my man Tyler 2day... How much did he impact me? So much I wore Steelers colors today (his fav)! #WhateverItTakes
kurt13warner So many emotions 2day: visitation 4 teenage buddy of mine, watching friends get married, knowing 1 is battling advanced cancer! #StillAskWhy
kurt13warner Headin home from Greece! Thanks 2 all who played "Where's Kurt" - sorry I couldn't engage more! Great trip, now 24hrs of travel! #worstpart
kurt13warner We have a winner - @pmirandaj I'm in Santorini looking over the the Aegean Sea!
kurt13warner What body of water is behind me? 1st correct answer gets an auto pic. #WheresKurt http://t.co/N0zUjj7yD8
kurt13warner Where am I now? Up for grabs this time is an autographed Sports Illustrated. #WheresKurt http://t.co/iZLf0hNQsK
kurt13warner As I was working out, was listening 2 AndyGrammar "Keep Your Head Up" - reminded me of my journey & could encourage u in yours! #NeverGiveUp
kurt13warner Nicely done @sillyauntpam Apostle Paul preached of the Unknown God here. Acts 17. Auto pic will b headed ur way!
kurt13warner What's the significance of rock behind me? Who was there & where in Bible (book & chapter) is story told? #WheresKurt http://t.co/8gGw99gkCC
kurt13warner U guys r good & fast! Congrats @PROCHADMARTIN 4 being 1st with correct answer of Parthenon. Another #WheresKurt coming later today!
kurt13warner 1st installment of #WheresKurt 1st person with correct answer gets an auto pic http://t.co/MmKYNqsmzc
kurt13warner Heading on a little trip... Follow me to play #WheresKurt & maybe win an autographed pic/SI, if u can be first 2 guess where I am in pic!
kurt13warner TofD: How much impact do we miss out on bec we want 2 live 1 more day fulfilling r own selfish desires instead of living 4 something bigger?
kurt13warner Thanks to @MicrosoftStore & @ScottsdaleFS for hosting me yesterday - great technology in #SurfacePro3 - I know all my kids will want one!
kurt13warner Join me at 1:30 today @MicrosoftStore in @ScottsdaleFS where we will be demonstrating the new #SurfacePro3 - they are awesome!
kurt13warner “@tjrymerson: Watching the replay of that SB, what emotions come back to you? #AskKurt Humble! Thankful! Grateful to be a part of GSOT
kurt13warner “@ScottWehner: Could u pick a better person than Bruce 2 make that play!? No he showed us how 2 work, set tone 4 team! Perfect ending!
kurt13warner “@Snielsen1228: #AskKurt who was biggest sideline motivator during the final min of the game? I stood by myself, just motivating myself!
kurt13warner “@dan_rar: what was on ur mind when the Titans tied it up? #AskKurt Disappointed, but also thought we have a chance 2 do something special!
kurt13warner “@teamcolby2: What was going though your head during the end of Super Bowl 34? #AskKurt How hard it was watching & not being on the field!
kurt13warner “@katie_lundy13: #AskKurt do you think eddy George should have been called down on that play? Probably, but didn't really think about it!

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