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Kurt Warner

A man who has been blessed with an Amazing life... yet, knows God isn't done with him! Daily looking 2 b used by HIM 2 impact others!

- Retired NFL - Quarterback (Cardinals, Rams, Giants)
22,205 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 05-06-2010


kurt13warner My champ game woes continue!!! 2 ArenaBowls, 2 SBs & now my 1st champ game as a coach & we lose by 1 pt on missed conversion! #BadLuck
kurt13warner Finished product... What u think??? Who did which side??? (And we're still smiling) http://t.co/iIPs4R9yg5
kurt13warner Taking a couples painting class... We each have to paint half a painting & see how it fits together... Not sure this is good 4 marriage?
kurt13warner Votes are in! Wk 11 winners for @fedex #airandground Players of the Week are @AaronRodgers12 & @L_Bell26, had a feeling! #ad
kurt13warner RT @jordanwalter75: Check it out @kurt13warner @kurt13warner here is the link. Just please RT to help them out.
kurt13warner I'm back... after a late night game of hoops, my nightcap is a bowl of CinnToastCrunch while having a film session, what u up to?
kurt13warner Don't forget your @hwraffle tix! Deadline is NOV 20. U could be AZ's next millionaire #greatcause @supportbarrow @supportbarrow
kurt13warner Not all the usaul suspects in #KurtsTop5 this week, be sure to send me your picks - & remember #hashtag & that it's a weekly list!
kurt13warner Is Nashville supposed to be this cold? Man, glad I am calling game and not getting hit in this weather! Anybody picking Titans?
kurt13warner Excited to have my youngest son w/ me 4 the @westwood1sports broadcast of #MNF & 2 of my old AZ coaches on opposing sidelines! #FamilyAffair
kurt13warner Kudos 2 @ERHSASB in #Cali who are participating in #CHEER this week 4 the 2nd time! Encouraging inclusion rocks! #EqualRespect
kurt13warner ... And I do think about what we could have done if I had this Defense when I was playing there... Nice to daydream! #Championship Haha
kurt13warner U guys aren't allowed 2 criticize me if u don't watch @NFLN_GameDay, bec u never know context of comments! Like why I pick against Cards!
kurt13warner We have a gr8 #WarnersWarmup team! R u on it!? @opfoodsearch http://t.co/pyS29PzLxa http://t.co/pyS29PzLxa #1City1Team #STL
kurt13warner #throwbackthursday @WarnerBrenda collecting coats in #STL! Still time 2 donate! #WarnersWarmup http://t.co/RuJ7bnSyLr http://t.co/RuJ7bnSyLr
kurt13warner Funny how so many ppl disagree w/ #KurtsTop5 but u guys(fans) voted Brady & Luck in a weekly Top 5 when they didn't play, haha, I can't win!
kurt13warner What an incredible team! Only 2 days left to join! #WarnersWarmup #1City1Team http://t.co/pyS29Piap6
kurt13warner Thx @LisaMGoeke RT I joined the team at Gateway Metro Credit Union in St. Peters! 6 Coats! @OPFoodSearch #1City1Team...

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